SNK Readthrough: Volume 11 Part 8


I have some good news and bad news

A messenger has arrived in Trost. The good news is that there is no breach in the wall. The bad news is the discovery that three members of the 104th are Titan shifters.

Erwin, Pixis, Levi and Jean are all present to hear this information. Jean reacts by screaming “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! T-THERE WERE STILL THREE TITANS ON THAT TEAM?! WHO?!

Erwin raises his hand to stop Jean, silencing his hysterics. He calmly asks the right questions and learns about the battle between the survey corps and the Armored and Colossal Titans.

And that, my friends, is why Erwin is such a freakin’, amazing, cool-headed, gorgeous, stunning,  and andasdfghjkl man and why he can’t die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…sorry… a little Chapter 61 anxiety leaking through